The IRS would like to remind business owners of the various resorces available to help them understand and answer questions regarding the Tax Cut and Jobs Act that passed in December of 2017.  Many areas of the tax law have changed, including some that affect businesses.  Here are some of the resources on that can help:

  • The IRS created the Tax Reform page to highlight what taxpayers need to know about the tax law changes and how they affect the taxpayer.
  • Fact Sheets: IRS posts facts sheets on wide range of topics, including tax reform.
  • Publications: To help business owners understand the new law the IRS has updated several publications, including Publication 15.
  • Frequently asked questions:  The IRS has posted a FAQ on various topics.
  • Tax Tips: Business owners can subscribe to get tax reform tips by e-mail from the IRS.
  • E-News: Small business topics are regularly updated through E-News, it is easy to subscribe.

Click here for a completed list of available resources.