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Without the funding from the Northeast CT Economic Alliance to open, we would not be here. The Stomping Ground would not be in existence without their help. We have become a “GO TO” business in the downtown area for entertainment, art, and food in our area. We have been told numerous times how we have changed the face of Putnam and the surrounding towns. This would not have been possible without the help of the Alliance. The Alliance has provided a huge amount of help and support. We recommend the Alliance to everyone looking to open up a new business. The Alliance was instrumental, not only with funding, but with the development of a viable business plan and the logistics of opening up a business.

Terry Paquette

Stomping Ground, LLC

With the financing provided by the Northeast CT Economic Alliance, my business was able to pay off the credit card debt I had acquired from starting my business. This was an enormous relief knowing I would not have the credit card bill hanging over my head with the high interest rates associated with it.

Sandra Rukstela

Tee-It-Up Golf, Brooklyn Country Club

With the financing provided by the Northeast CT Economic Alliance, we were able to restructure our finances and pay off credit cards which we used originally to start Hazelwood Fine Crafts, LLC and to purchase inventory. The loan from the Northeast Alliance helped us clear up our credit card debt which made us more bankable. Without the help from the Alliance we would not have been able to transition to a traditional lender.

Camile Benjamin


Without the financing provided by the Northeast Alliance, my husband and I could not have purchased our business. When we decided to purchase a small tanning salon in Willimantic, we discovered that traditional banks were unable to consider a loan in certain industries, particularly in the tanning industry. The Alliance is able to look at the people making the application and make a sound decision based on the application itself, not just the industry.

Shelly Noll

Sun Capsule Express, LLC

Without the financing provided by the Northeast CT Economic Alliance, my business would not exist. Their team of professionals provided me with my first microloan to start my business as well as the advice, guidance, and support that has been essential to its growth. I started in a position with just a dream and no assets; I wasn’t what you would call “bankable” by more traditional lending institutions.

Bill Covey

CT Casket Co., LLC

As co-owner of the Mansfield Academy of Dance in Storrs, we would not be here today without the financing provided by the Northeast CT Economic Alliance. When we first opened we rented a small space and had no beginning capital. We were never eligible for conventional financing but with guidance on our business plan and the capital, we are now a thriving dance studio with five part time teachers and a very bright future.

Bruce John

Mansfield Academy of Dance, LLC

I do not make this statement lightly – without the financial assistance provided by the Northeast CT Economic Alliance, Hawk would not be in business. Hawk Integrated Plastics has been in business for 13 years. The Alliance initially assisted us with developing an effective business plan to apply for financing from local banks. With their help we received a $1 million loan from Webster Bank and a loan for $100,000 from the Alliance. The fallout from 9/11 was devastating and we found ourselves at a crossroads. Without additional funding our business was going to fail. Not one bank was interested in loaning money to Hawk because of the devastated economy. The Alliance was the ONLY institution willing to financially assist us with a $50,000 loan. There is no doubt in my mind that without that assistance, Hawk would be out of business today.

Joe Bak

Hawk Integrated Plastics, LLC

As a new business we found ourselves with the typical conundrum – a new business cannot secure financial support without a proven financial track record, and a new business cannot prove a financial track record without securing financial supports. Getting that support from a traditional bank proved near impossible. Without the financing provided by the Northeast CT Economic Alliance, start-ups like Sweet Emotions Candy would not have the financial chance we have. The Alliance also provides support, assistive coaching, and caring that is often absent from traditional banks. The Alliance is a vital support structure so that new business development continues at the local level.

Barry A. Schreier, Ph.D

Sweet Emotions Candy

With the financing provided by the Northeast CT Economic Alliance, my baking business was able to expand sooner than expected. With these funds, I financed new bakery equipment and built my own Gluten Free Kitchen in Ashford, CT. Having my own kitchen enabled me to grow my business exponentially as well as ensure a safe food manufacturing facility for my customers. Beyond the financial support of the Northeast CT Economic Alliance, their business knowledge and networking expertise enhanced the borrowing experience and opened doors to more opportunities and business relationships statewide. The assistance they provided, both monetary and personal, exhibited the utmost professionalism and the “true sense” that someone cared about my small business. I will be forever grateful and am proud to have woven the Northeast CT Economic Alliance into the very fabric of my business history.

Christine Reed

Shayna B’s & The Pickle, LLC

With the financing provided by the Northeast CT Economic Alliance, our business was able to expand by purchasing new portable toilets and two service trucks. The new portable units we purchased allowed us to increase our sales 17% in two years despite having more competition in our area. The new units are used exclusively for events, allowing us to use our older event units at construction and seasonal jobs, thus increasing our monthly rental revenue. The ability to purchase two new service trucks through Northeast CT Economic Alliance financing was a godsend for us. With two new trucks we no longer have to worry about a breakdown putting us out of commission.

Angela Maschka

Connecticut Portables

Without the financing provided by the Northeast CT Economic Alliance, I would not have been able to purchase an office for my business which I had been operating from my home. It got to the point that I had to buy an office and the Alliance made it happen and without the help from them I would still be running my business out of my home which was very inconvenient. I am so grateful for their help.

Mary Beth Congdon

Classic Homemakers

The financing and advice provided by the Northeast CT Economic Alliance, enabled us to overcome a difficult period during the recession. It is very helpful to the small businesses in this area to have a resource like the Northeast CT Economic Alliance.

Gunnel Stenberg

Gulemo Printers, Inc.

Without the financing provided by the Northeast CT Economic Alliance, my dreams would be just that! Today my woman owned business has done over $400,000 in sales. My Grip Fast self-locking collar is in hospitals, robots, and many manufacturing companies. If it wasn’t for the Alliance, I believe my product would have gone unnoticed. It is said that “this is the land of opportunity”. The Northeast CT Economic Alliance was mine.

Vickie Washburn

Specialized Marketing International, Inc.

The reputation that has been built by Magnus Racing Products as required equipment for success is beginning to be recognized beyond the northeast and we are not letting up. We are continuing to develop new products that give our customers the edge they need to roll into victory lane every week. Whether our customer requires just a reliable transmission that won’t fail, or a high priced low profile custom machined transmission that allows them to lower their engine by an inch, we have learned that the most important product we have is knowledge. I believe that this is the secret to success. I also believe that this is what The Northeast Alliance has done for me. We couldn’t have started without the financial assistance, and we wouldn’t have succeeded without the advice and mentoring from the Northeast CT Economic Alliance.

Mike Sangermano

Magnus Racing Products, LLC

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